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Unity快照艺术办公室Snaps Art Office源码,拥有着完整的可执行的unitypackage文件。资源大小为986MB。具体游戏介绍:Requires Unity 2018.4.3 or  higher.
Snaps Art asset packs are designed to make 3D game development faster by providing collections of themed assets that are modular, built to real-world scale, and easy to use. They are built following the Snaps modularity guidelines and include high quality textures and materials with visual fidelity, light enough to be able to target any platform. Use the pack with ProGrids to snap the assets on all three axes making level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise. Snaps Art packs are for anyone who wants to speed up game production.
includes 3D models with textures and materials ready for production:
- Walls of different shapes, floors, and ceilings
- Set of office props, computers, desks, cabinets, etc.
Each Snaps Art pack caters to a particular theme providing modular environment pieces and props to save you time in production.

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